Chatty Magpie Classes

Chatty Magpie Classes

Well, what an exciting few terms we have had with our Chatty Magpie Classes.

Laughter, bubbles, songs, magic and chatting, lots of chatting.

Our Little Chatty Magpiers, alongside their parents and grandparents, have been learning lots. Topics have included farm animals, clothes, favourite toys, food and vehicles. A lot of hilarity has been had making toys disappear, playing hide and seek, tracking magic cups, guessing the item and playing peep-bo with favourite toys. Along the way speech sounds have been mastered, new words acquired and listening skills developed. We have promoted using gesture/sign to support our talking, listened and rocked to the rhythm, clapped out words and encouraged having a go.

Here are a few comments from our classes so far,

“It’s been a brilliant group for my son, I’ve been so impressed with the group. Thank you!” – Mum, Tonbridge class.

“The sessions have been helpful to us. We do not know any other children who are in a similar position to our son regarding speech and it is really lovely to make progress with this and share it with others. The ideas are fab, and the content of each session is great and well thought out . Particularly when the children can play games together and encourage each other  - Mum, Tonbridge class.

“Chatty Magpie Classes have been wonderful and really helped me to help my son” – Emma, Tonbridge class.

Thank you, mums, dads and grandparents, for bringing your little ones to our classes. We look forward to more fun, laughter and learning.

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