Our Story

Hello, we’re yoohoo and we exist for one simple reason - to ensure that every child can enjoy the gift of speech and have the freedom to express themselves confidently and creatively with language.

Devised by speech and language therapist Suzanne Bachelor and graphic designer Jo Smith, yoohoo provides a unique range of fun and easy-to-use speech and language tools for everyone from practicing therapists to teachers and parents.

Our service is divided into two areas: yoohoo speech and language therapy and yoohoo resources.

yoohoo speech and language therapy Ltd is a friendly practice based in Kent that provides assessments, direct therapy and training to families, schools and nurseries to enhance speech, language and communication development in children.

Our therapists, Suzanne and Lucy, blend a down-to-earth approach with a combined 30 years clinical experience and are known for their passionate and tailor-made presentation styles that engage children, parents, teachers and assistants alike.

yoohoo resources offer a range of uniquely designed speech and language therapy products. These fun, creative and practical learning aids engage both children and adults and are made from only high quality materials.

Our product’s distinctive illustrations and visual design were conceived when Suzanne teamed up with Graphic Designer, Jo Smith.

Their paths crossed when Suzanne was helping Jo’s daughter. Through the use of fun, creative and personalised therapy games Jo’s daughter flourished, gaining more and more confidence as her speech sound skills developed.

Jo, with her own personal experience and skills, has been able to understand the principles, beliefs and passion of yoohoo and brought Suzanne’s resources to life.

Further research and pilot trials have proved these resources to be invaluable in helping children develop speech and language skills.

Please use this site to find details on all yoohoo products. Whether you’re searching for help in speech sounds, memory, vocabulary through to receptive and expressive language we can promise the highest level of expertise and quality.

For any further enquiries please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact page.