yoohoo offer a range of high quality, uniquely designed speech and language therapy products. These fun, creative and practical learning aids engage both children and adults.

They enable parents to give their child a helping hand with talking through a range of unique and lovingly designed products.

They offer therapists the freedom to turn off the printer, put away scissors and store away that laminator. Our resources are ready-made, expertly designed and geared for all kinds of therapeutic intervention. All the resources need is a therapist’s enthusiasm and creativity.

Schools are provided with tools, products and activities that work alongside their teaching. yoohoo appreciate how much is brought to a child’s learning so we want to help you without increasing your workload. All teachers need to do is add their own little bit of ready-made teacher magic!

We currently have two product ranges available under yoohoo. These are Chatty Magpie and Colour Coded Language.

Chatty Magpie

Chatty Magpie provides a flexible, fun and engaging set of resources that enables you to support your child in developing skills in the following areas: speech sounds, vocabulary & language and memory skills.

Colour Coded Language

Colour Coded Language provides those learning language with a crack-able code. Developed through years of trialling and research, it is a flexible, fun and engaging therapy tool. Having proved a successful technique within therapy sessions, we have now extended the system to include resources that can support children within their home and educational settings.

You can purchase all of our products through our online shop.