KCSP Training Day

KCSP Training Day

yoohoo had a fantastic time training some brilliant teachers, teaching assistants and SENCOs at a recent KCSP training day.

We had been kindly invited to talk about Colour Coded Language and how the principles of colour coding can be applied to any school.

Each participant created their own mind-map linked to language structure, grammar and form. It was great to see everyone having a good try. The enthusiasm this task was greeted with was great for me as the presenter. The attendees learned that by simply employing the colour code within a classroom, children would be able to locate and sift through written information to gather and use relevant vocabulary. I explained that the beauty of Colour Coded Language is that it can be achieved purely through the core 9 colours, hence not being reliant on specific task-based resources or games. All they need are coloured pens, paper, text and/or highlighters. If the colour code stays the same, students can be supported throughout their school journey. 

After learning the colour code, we then looked at how schools can take colour coding to the next step. yoohoo understands that time is of the essence, and therefore we designed resources that are ready to be used, save time, offer flexibility, are durable and can be used time and again.

yoohoo strives to bridge the gap between therapy and education.

I had so much fun meeting such talented and enthusiastic individuals.

I received some great feedback from the training, which justifies our belief in our resources.

"Would like to implement [CCL] at school"


"Resources were great and very useful"

"Found the session interesting and could use some of the principles contained within it"

"Very useful to bring back (to school)"

 Thank you KCSP for inviting me to present.

 Bring on the colour!

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